Advanced Grip Technology

Advanced Grip Technology

What sets Kalinga TMT Fe 550 bars apart from the competition is our ADVANCED GRIP TECHNOLOGY which provides a strong grip with cement and concrete. This is achieved through a rigorous manufacturing process that ensures strong ribs and lugs at equal intervals on the TMT bars.

Placing ribs and lugs at equal intervals using CNC notched rolls results in 100% accuracy and uniformity. Ordinary rebars made manually are unable to maintain this accuracy. Thus Kalinga TMT Fe 550 bars have far superior ‘fatigue strength’ compared to others in the market.

Though tiny in appearance, ribs and lugs play a big role in improving the strength and flexibility. They increase the bendability while increasing traction resulting in stronger structures that can take enormous loads compared to smooth-surfaced bars.

These ribs and lugs also help reinforce the protective corrosion resistant paint. What’s more, they avoid slippage with concrete during construction resulting in less wastage and cost savings. Yes, grip strong, toh chale long!

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